Fishing the Web - Market and User Research


I love to get to know the people I am creating my experiences for. This is actually my favorite part of the process. I will find out about the marketplace, about competitors and how to fulfill the target markets needs.

Preparing the Web - Wireframes / Mockups


To make sure that the research doesn't just stay in letters, I will create Wireframes, Mockups and interactive Prototypes and test them with the user to find problems or missing pieces at an early stage of the process.

Cooking the Web - Development


After I found the last pieces of the puzzle I will create the product based on the mockups, prototypes and the research. Always having an eye on how to improve certain functions or designs to make the experience more fun and engaging.

Eating the Web - User Testing / Browser Testing / Analytics


At the last stage of the process, we will need to make sure to have a sustainable way to progress. To improve the Users Experience we need to continously analyse the products, as the market, technology and the users needs change.